Understanding the PTSD Acronym

You may or may not have seen this symbol before. Post-Covid-19, you may well see a lot more of this acronym. For those that did not yet know, PTSD refers to post-traumatic stress syndrome. This brief introduction can tell you a bit more of what this entails. But for those who are vaguely aware, but do have concerns, rest assured that there is available treatment for ptsd gulfport. To have PTSD means that you have essentially been through a dramatic and potentially life-changing or life-threatening event.

Such an even could take numerous forms. Perhaps only one or two good examples could fill this space to help you not just understand the PTSD acronym but get to appreciate it a bit more. It is always looming at the back of a person’s mind. It happens a lot as the person grows older. They say too that from the moment the child is born, there’s some form or another of a cancer lying dormant. But then it manifests itself and ironically, at a most unexpected and awkward time. It quite literally knocks a person off of his feet.

Thankfully, recovery rates of most cancers are fairly high these days but for others it is unfortunately too little, too late. It is traumatic, to say the least. The trauma of the roadside accident is thankfully, in most cases, quite quick. That’s where treatment for PTSD comes into play. But the reality is that you never forget such an event. Ironically, it would have been unhealthy to suppress or repress the event. Speaking of which, more and more women are coming out, after so many years, declaring that, once upon a time, they were abused.

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And that too, is pretty traumatic. Coping mechanisms are taught for that.